October 30th, 2009

This is a ride I’ve been wanting to do for a while, since I last did it solo several years ago.
This time John “Huddy” and Scott were up for it.

It was “fun” until we got to the Notch (top of ski lifts).
There was 35 degrees w/ 30-40 mph winds, according to the weather station in the ski house.
We continued to climb up Devils Backbone Fire Road and then the wind got out of control,
probably 50-75 mph gusts at least, literally blew you off the bike, so we hiked a fair bit
(several spots you have to anyway).
With wind chill it was very very cold, well below freezing.
We didn’t stay long and came down quick as possible… That kind of exposure really drains you.
We tried stop behind a rock for wind shelter and eat, then Scott said, I think the wind will blow the bikes away (which wouldn’t fit behind the rock). So we kept moving, with a death grip on the bikes.
A few minutes later the wind raged so hard it lifted my bike as I held it out like a kite, it was epic…
Bonus was we all saw a Mtn Lion (150 lbs. at least) on the way down about a 1/2 mile from the notch, pretty awesome but a little unnerving…
I’m psyched to do this ride again, without the wind…

The Route:
Start: At Incycle in San Dimas to Glendora Mtn Rd to Monroe Trail (dirt trail to top of GMR) to Glendora Ridge Rd to Mt Baldy Rd to Falls Rd to Baldy Notch to Devils Backbone Rd. Down: Baldy Rd to Thompson Ck Path to Baseline and back to the shop.

Stats, straight from my Garmin:
Ride Time: 06:18:35
Distance: 61.33 mi
Elevation Gain: 11,371 ft (Nearly all of this was done by mile 35)

I didn’t take many shots, especially higher up where it was pretty much miserable, but here’s some.
The objective, Mt. Baldy…
Huddy climbing up a steep and loose section.
Scott on the way back down.