August 22nd, 2008

Today I shot for Options For Youth (OFY) public charter school.
They had a ribbon cutting / grand opening of their newest charter school in Ontario California.
They requested basic coverage of the event, and interior and exterior images of their building.
OFY is a great school, enabling at risk students to complete their high school education while empowering them to pursue higher education as well.
I have done quite a bit of work for OFY over the past several years, it’s great to be involved with them. I’m a firm believer in their mission and have seen first hand many success stories.
If you ever happen to go to one of their graduations you’ll see what I mean, awesome, but that’s another post…
If you’ve heard of charter schools and wondered what they look like now you know…

Founders of the school John & Joan Hall.

Officially open…

Joan receiving congratulations from the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

And recognition from Senator’s office representative.

John with the apple cider toast…

Cool student lounge.

Ready for students.

I used remote strobes for this image, can you see the light…

Ready to teach…

The folks who make it all happen… Congrats!

August 20th, 2008

I was hired to shoot Ironworkers working on Orange Coast Memorial in Fountain Valley.
Schroeder Iron wanted a casual group portrait, candids of the guys hanging out as well as the building itself and the work in progress.
I exposed and processed many of them to look ‘edgy’ which seemed to fit the vision of the shoot.
I shot a lot of details, rebar etc. I thought it was kind of cool looking…
It was interesting to do something different and be able to climb around on a big building under construction.. Next time you think it’s a hot August day in Southern California think of these guys…

August 20th, 2008

Some shots of my nephews. In ascending order.



August 19th, 2008

Thought I’d post this to compliment some of the images in the climbing section of the my main site which were taken during this shoot, even though this work was done a while back.
Tamo Shanter is a proposed state park in the Dripping Springs Mountains east of Kearny, Arizona.
Even though it’s not that far from Phoenix or Tuscon, it feels worlds away.
It’s kind of epic to get to the crags, from Kearny it’s around 45 min on quite rough and sometimes very steep jeep roads. After that the approaches (hiking) to the crags vary from 15 – 45 min. So by the time you get to the crag you’ve put in some time. Due to liabilities, including the relatively remote location (we had to carry a satellite phone) we were warned about: deadly Mojave Green rattlesnakes (warning snake photo in this post!), Javelinas (a kind of wild bore), Gila monsters and Africanized Killer Bees… we had to sign medical and hold harmless agreements and I even had to indemnify the current property owners, a mining company, on my insurance policy. So, with all those hazards what did we see? Javalinas, yep, about a dozen around dusk one evening, they strolled by en mass and snorted as if to say, stay away were just passing thru… Also ran into a pretty stout Bee hive, Joe got stung but we doubted they were killer bees, if they were we would have been defenseless, I guess the sat. phone would have been employed. Otherwise we nearly stepped on what I’m pretty sure is a Mojave Green, which fortunately I did get a quick shot of. After that everyone walked around VERY SLOWLY, being very careful where they put their packs and sat down, it was pretty funny actually. All in all everyone got out in one piece and we got some good shots. Although none were taken in ‘magic hour light’, which I was a little bummed about, several were used in advertisements. Here’s some random images from the trip.

5 star accommodation’s

Old truck with stars, I thought was visually interesting, light painted it into the exposure.

Day 1 jeep ride, that’s way steeper than it looks…

A scenic drive into the desert wilderness, not another person is sight but our two jeeps.

Brandi & crew on approach.

Lot’s of big cactus

Don’t step on this guy!
I did a little Internet research and found…
Considered the most dangerous of rattlesnakes in the Mojave Desert (Mojave Rattlesnake,
Crotalus scutulatus, aka Mojave Green). Its venom, which it uses to immobilized its prey and defend itself, attack both the central nervous system with nuerotoxins and the bloodstream with hemotoxins. Unlike many other venomous snake bites which are survivable (but obviously not all), if this guy hits you it’s game over.

After the snake sighting Mark got straight to business sending…

The beauty of the desert landscape.

The crew at sunset day one, tired grungy and ready for dinner.

Early approach on the next day.

Taking a moment to watch the early morning light over the endless desert landscape.

Love desert plant life, like this agave.

Timy approaching the top of the cliff.

Brandi samples a local classic line.

A closer view of the action.

Spent a lot of time in the Jeep.

More awesome desert plantlife.

The overall scene on another day.

Waiting for some actual climbing…

The last day, getting to the cliff.

Sierra, happy to be climbing.

Timy walking the area test piece, .13a if I remember right.

Moonrise on the last day, was our reward.

A couple of Ad’s from this shoot.

August 17th, 2008

Took these of my friend James on a local ride.
Was experimenting with my trusty little Canon G9 and remote strobes.
The set-up is so compact that I can easily put it into my camelbak and ride.
For those of you interested in the photo tech side of the image…
These were taken in a shaded cyn. in in the afternoon, I under exposed the ambient light 1 to 1-2/3rds stop and placed the flashes in two different locations, then ratio’ed the flashes to get the light ‘focused’ where I wanted it, making the rest of the scene dark, also drug the shutter and panned to get the blur on some… The setup took only a couple minutes and James did a few runs to get the shot. Timing the shot was the crux, since the G9 is not exactly a powerhouse in terms of focusing speed or instant shutter release, I had to pre-focus then then time the shutter to when he rode by.
They came out pretty cool, made a couple prints for James and to put up on the wall of fame, that’s the one next to the bathroom at Incycle. Now I’ll have to try it ‘for real’ with my big, fast camera’s in a more spectacular location…